Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend wrap up

I have loved every weekend in May. So much family time, dates with friends, game playing, bike riding and great weather.  Memorial weekend was great!  We always get together on Sunday Eve around Tom's grave and remember him. This year Sandy brought a book along filled with letters we had written and given him the Father's Day before he passed away. It was great to share some of these outloud and pass the book around. The Madsen's brought a feast along-- left overs from Kylie's farewell earlier in the day. We looked like the Beverly  Hillbillies eating at the cemetery, but it was fun.
Monday, bright and early, Wayne and I biked 50 mikes out to Saltair and back. I passed out on Wanee's lawn at mile 50 but Wayne actually made it up the hill to our house at the end. He's trying to get back in biking shape after 2 months of nothing because of his broken arm. 
Our family went swimming at Grandma Butters pool like old time sake, but now the grandma is Karen. It was awesome-- then we all went to the  movie -Million Dollar Arm in the evening.
Such a great family day.  I always rolled my eyes at my mom when she made such a big deal that all of her kids and grandkids were all together in the same place at the same time.  Now I get it. Momma Sheri would have loved it!
We went to Mom's and the Grandparents grave on May 21-- a few days prior. We had our own celebration talking about and honoring their lives with no one else in the cemetery but us.

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