Friday, May 9, 2014

Mom's BIrthday....

Today is my mother's birthday.  She would be 75.  She never looked or acted her age.  Good skin, good genes and a good attitude all contributed to this.

Last year we had a tearful celebration all gathering around her hospic- hospital bed in the living room as she expounded on her life and the lessons she had learned.  We sang and she shared her testimony and it was comforting and heart breaking all at the same time.   We all knew it would be her last earthly birthday.

May is my Momma Sheri's month.  It has her birthday in it, Mother's day in it and now her death day in it ...(.plus Memorial day)  Mom loved held the end of school and the promise of summer.

I'm just thinking a lot about my effervescent mom...So happy I could be her daughter.  To celebrate her I'm going to hand out 9 unsolicited compliments for May 9th..... it's something she would appreciate.  I just want to wish her Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day.....I know she's watching and listening.
1962...My blessing day, with My dark brunette Mother...I never remembered her like this, only through pics....she was always blonde to me.....My handsome Dad, Marcie and Me. ( I kind of look like Alfie)

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