Sunday, May 4, 2014

Alfie's blessing day...Sophia's party

What a wonderful day we have had for Alfie's baby blessing.... Addison gave a beautiful blessing indicating the two grandpa's he is named for Fred Briggs and Lyle Cole.   He blessed Alfie that he would inherit all of their good qualities including peacemaker, compassion, love of all mankind, and keeping eternal perspective.  It was wonderful to watch my son bless his son.... just filled with so much love. Bre wore a Grandma Sheri necklace so we could have her as part of this day as well.  So sweet.
 We are all together..... can't believe it's taken so long (4 1/2 years) , so I insisted on a picture to celebrate this fact.  So glad Lindsey could be with us as well.  The boys always treat her like she's their sister and growing up with them, she pretty much was.
 front:  Andrew, Melinda, Alfie, Wayne, Sophia, Laila
back:  Monson, Lexie, Alex, Landon, Truman, Lindsey, Bre, Addison
                                                    We love being Grandparents
Yesterday we celebrated Sophia's 5th birthday.  She is such a lover and just fits in so great.  She was thrilled to meet her one and only cousin, Alfie.  We had a pirate party and Sophia was in heaven!

We love Landon, Sophia, Andrew and Alex!

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Rachelle said...

you are truly blessed with such a beautiful family!