Friday, May 30, 2014

6th grade Grad

Laila's last day of 6th grade and beginning of 1st grade picture.  It's been fun and bewildering to watch Laila grow from a free spirited, spiritual child to a beautiful, strong willed Young Woman.  

Laila is so thrilled to be leaving Valley view and moving on to Jr High...although these end of program pictures would prove otherwise.  Laila with Mrs. Ferrari aka Miss Dimeo...  it was a teary goodbye. Laila  was one of a group that received the Presidential Scholar award for scholastic and citizenship honors from 4-6th grade. 

Preston and Laila looking sharp for  the 6th Grade Celebration!
Genacie and Jonah Ekker, Mason Farr, Preston, Max Eiting, Laila and Heather Kofford.
This is the walking-to-school-bunch that picked Laila and Preston up each morning.  Some days were filled with drama. Most days were good.
I am finally out of 6th grade.  Laila graduated on Friday. YAY.  Wayne and I went to her celebration  with all of the other 6th grade parents.  We sat by sister Angela and watched as our 2 kids sang and performed prior to their exit.  It really was lovely and I told myself I wouldn’t cry, but then Angela started crying during  “You raise me up” song dedicated to the parents.  Preston saw his mom crying so he started crying then I started crying… none of us could stop.  We were sitting behind an Indian Seik gentleman with the head wrap and everything.  He was taking up his fair share of the view and we all had to look around, over and under his arms to see our kids.  He was videoing with his ipad and not even trying to be discreet about it.  I really could only see Laila if I looked at his ipad.  It was pretty funny.  He finally scooted over in front of Wayne and then he started to video the audience during this song as well… as he moved his ipad around to his back,  it was right in front of Wayne’s face—the world’s best photo bomber—so Wayne did a giant funny face into the ipad… well now Laila on the stage can see the picture in the Ipad of her dad photobombing this guys movie.  I start laughing, Laila is Laughing, Angela is laughing, Wayne is laughing…and now we are crying because we are all  silently laughing so hard.  It really was an amazing moment.  I wish you all could have been there to laugh with us.   Now we all wish we were fiies on the wall when this guy shows this video to his family members.  

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