Monday, March 17, 2014

Lucky or Blessed?

Our Little Leprechaun..... Alfie is probably wondering what his parents are doing to him.  I just want to squeeze him.
St. Paddy's day around here complete with traditional cabbage, green rolls, corn and beef... not corned beef....and cheesy potatoes, followed by basketball bracket choosing, limerick making and mint ice cream and donut eating.

I wish I knew how to write limericks
The words and the rhythm give me fits
Don't know what to do
Not clever like you
So I'll just rip it into Melinda
There once was a month with a madness
It was way better than the movie with Katnis
We all make our brackets
There will be tons of racket
Hopefully I win so I don'thave to deal with Monson's Lexi

There once was a team oh so good
They were feared by all in the hood
They'd make you shagrin, cause they're
from Michigan
They're just like that old Robin Monson
A big gray cat named Tom
Tried to kill Jerry with a bomb
It blew up beside him
and detached a limb
And he never wanted to write a Laila

The sun comes out a new day
With waves a crash on the bay
The storm clouds are gone
There's no need to dwell on
For GOd will carry you Landon
In the gym where I work on my fitness
What I tell you is not fictitious
You know I ain't easy
You know I ain't sleazy
That's right I am dang Truman

There once was a beautiful Lass
Who had a problem with violent gas
She loved to eat beans
and gross collard greens
On a date she's a total big Wayne

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