Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Elder Welch is HOME

It was a wonderful New Years Day! 
Waiting and waiting for our Elder to come. The flight was an hour and half late. 
He finally floated down the escalator.  I had to fight off Laila for the first hug. 

We brought Winston to meet him at the airport too

Greeting him at the airport :  Melinda, Laila, Wayne, Elder Welch, Truman, Lindsey, Landon, Alex, Paula 

Going through his treasures. He doesn't get reased til Jan 2nd
We had the Grandparents and Holly join us for Roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. Monson's favorite.  The Family is together again. 


Teri said...

Awesome! So happy for you all!

addison welch said...

I see your on your "only eat peas" diet again.