Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Grinch Stole our Christmas

We were GRINCHED!!!!
Christmas morning, after bursting through the wrapped living room entrance, Laila and Tru found only this......

They were clearly not expecting an empty living room with no tree, decorations, stockings or presents in sight....and a tipped over couch. We had been robbed!

On the wall above the fireplace was a note  and 16 bags were on the coffee table.

The note read......

(Does Tru look like a who down in whoville?)
After being dumbfounded and checking to see if presents were in the family room instead....Laila finally smiled.
Tru and Laila quickly got dressed and drove into Salt Lake.  

Tru was hoping to find some people out and about in Pioneer park...but they were not.  Many were lined up outside the Homeless shelter and he said their 16 bags just weren't going to cut it. So they walked down the street a bit and were able to hand out the bags one by one.  Some were gruff, some were grateful. One guy came back twice, teary and thankful.  Laila said he made it all worth it

When Tru and Laila returned, Laila  ran into the living room and it was all put  right.  Tree back up, stockings filled, decorations in place and presents!

The Grinch had restored Christmas!!!!

Tru said, "Obviously the Grinch is a woman because no man would go to all of this trouble."

Thankful, loving hearts grew three sizes this day.


Teri said...

I love this idea more than I can say…..because the logistics of Christmas morning are difficult enough as is….you all have upped the ante! Awesome!

Wanda said...

YOU my dear are clever and full of MUCH more energy than I can even muster! What a beautiful and memorable thing to do! Kudos Kiddo

Allia Abu-Ramaileh said...

I saw a link to your blog on FB and I had to read what this was about!

What a great idea - I loved it!