Sunday, December 15, 2013

CAA Christmas Dance

Grandpa Lyle and Laila
Laila had her Creative arts dance show on Saturday.  She was gorgeous and danced beautifully.

 The show was a fund raiser for Cami Carver who needs money to pay for a bone marrow transplant and it was also dedicated to the memory of my momma.  

There was a lovely display in the foyer and a nice dedication in the program to mom.  It read:
Sheri Cole was a bright light.    She could do so much and offered so much to each of us.   She loved Dance, Theatre, Music and Art and shared her love by inspiring and supporting others. 
She was a ballet  Dancer at the U of U… and BYU.  She taught dance classes in her own home and had The Sheri Cole Dancers who did floor shows across the Wasatch front.  She began the Bountiful Community Theatre in 1974  which has morphed into Center Pointe Theatre today. She sang in the Cole Collection for 16 years.  She starred on stage and off as director and Choreographer.  Sheri taught theatre/choir at Davis High and Bountiful High.  She was everyone's champion…and she knew you could do it.  Sheri loved the creative thought and goal of Jana Monson and the Creative Arts Academy and was pleased to be a little part of it.  She cut the ribbon of  the new facility and really knew that only good things were coming!  Sheri passed away May 21, 2013.   There is a Sheri Cole Scholarship for Music/ Dance /Theatre Students at Bountiful High in her honor. 

They also put a slide presentation tying mom and Cami together in their fight against cancer and positive attitudes.  It was really sweet. 


bre and add said...

ohhhh I love that tribute to your Momma so much. What a beautiful way to honor her.

Tara said...

Love this!