Saturday, September 7, 2013

Team Jelly Belly

Another great bike trip. To St George this time. Wayne got us matching Jelly Belly biking kits. He said, "Finally a shirt that tells it like it is."    They actually generate a lot of comments from other bikers. Bob Farley   has one and Eric Belnap  is going to get one too so we can be team Jelly Belly. 

We rode Into Zion's National Park. It was gorgeous. We drove out there through an amazing sunrise.  

The great part about biking Zion's is no cars are allowed in.  Only a few tour buses that go really slow so the tourists can see. We had smooth roads going up and the canyon all to ourselves ... and a few wild turkeys, antlered deer, hawks and a giant tarantula. 

We bike so we can end our ride with chocolate milk and chocolate doughnuts from Maverick. Delish
Day two biking was up to the Snow Canyon parkway, out past  Tuacahn and into Kayente.  The Red Rock was peaceful and beautiful. Love biking here. We stopped In Santa Clara to have breakfast at Tiffany's--yummy crepes 

I pretty much bike just to justify my eating habits. 

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