Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sharing Sheri....the event

 Sharing Sheri turned out to be everything I had envisioned as I walked to the cemetery and had the first seed of an idea.  So thankful for family and friends who got on board and helped it blossom into a beautiful event.   Liz, Al, Angela, Marcie, Tru, Wayne and Laura all helped with set up.  Marcie did the flowering centerpieces.

  We had a variety of people in attendance.  So thankful for extended family who drove in from Utah County.  Their support was  so lovely and meaningful.   We had over 90 people come from all walks of life.  

We announced the Sheri Cole Scholarship for the Performing Arts.  We are thrilled about this idea and are going to give a cash award scholarship to a Music/Dance/Theatre student at Bountiful High School each year.  We have plans to extend it to all 4 south Davis high schools.  We are in the process of setting up a Tax exempt foundation to make this happen.  Mom loved working with high school kids and she was passionate about the performing arts, so this is a really good fit.
 Si Foster helped with the food...which is overwhelming for everyone, except her.  We had yummy Chicken pasta salad, brownies and cookies.  (She is so goofy)Thanks to Diane Lake, Jo Cash and  Mel Evans for helping with this too.
Rachel, Laurie, Megan, Becca and Jenna
 The Cole/Call girls provided the music and sounded so beautiful singing "Changed For Good" from Wicked.  So thankful to them....the old Cole Collection would have probably just cried through it.
Gary was wonderful as the 5 Love Languages presenter.  He was articulate, funny and kept it moving along.   Michelle King and her sister Alisha Tebbs honored Sheri and helped us all get inspired about developing and sharing our own talents.
We were so appreciative to Jana and Sean Monson for the use of The Grand Ballroom.
It was a lovely night and I really felt mom smiling down on all of us.

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