Thursday, September 19, 2013

My photos

I took September 18 and set the alarm on my phone to go off every hour on the hour....from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm....I took a picture of whatever I was doing at that time, or whomever I was with.  I don't know if it's interesting or boring....but it is my life.
 7:00 am  Alarm goes off and we have scripture reading with Me, Wayne and Laila on our bed.
8:00am Breakfast time with Preston and Laila before they are off to school.  I got my green smoothie.
                               9:00am Working out at the gym watching Live with Kelly and Michael
10:00am BLow drying my hair.  Just out of the shower
11:00am   School work.  Making Phone calls to families
12:00pm Lunch break and errands in the car
1:00pm more work in front of the computer again
 2:00pm Finished my Diet Coke....that's right.  I'm back on the hard stuff.  I'm trying to control it better this time around.  Wish me luck.
3:00pm working at the computer still....creating some "blabberize "characters to send to my school kids.
4:00pm  Out to get the mail. Tru already got it in. The day is gorgeous even though summer is on it's way  out.
 5:00pm Chatting with Tru at the kitchen counter.  He is updating our phones to the new IOS 7 system.                               He is excited about gadgets and all of the new stuff just like his father
      6:00pm Making dinner....Chicken fajitas....350 calories and yes, I am counting every one.
7:00pm Escape to my bedroom for a quick tv show....Property Brothers. I'm actually hiding out in here....shhhhhh
          8:00pm Helping Laila and Kinsley with their melted crayon mess and homework.
     9:00pm   Wayne is home from visits with the ward....He is a great High Priest Group leader.
               10:00 pm....The Dog waiting for us to get to bed.  She sleeps under our bed                                                                                   every night.


Teri said...

LOVE this idea!

Andrew and Gina said...

What a fun blog post! Do it again :) I love your yellow framed glasses.

Lauren said...

this is such a fun idea!!! I love it. You look fabulous in your 12:00 shot! soooo pretty!