Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Glad he was born....

We celebrated September birthdays at Marcie's with a swiss steak dinner, ice cream and cupcakes.  Lyle, Nelson, Rachel and Preston!
It's my dad's 82 birthday today.
He is making life work without my mom....this is no easy task....yet he is giving it his best effort.
Dad is feeling better since his heat attack at the beginning of the month.  He says it feels good to have blood flowing through his body.  He has a good attitude.

10 things Dad is doing great......
- using his ipad and keeping in touch with family and friends.
-Dad is walking a 1/2 mile every morning, sometimes more.
-He has projects and investment ideas.
-He spends family time and eats  or visits with at east one of his children every day.
-Dad is loving his new garage doors, and is excited to have a warm car this winter.
-I'm happy to report that Dad is not a hoarder.  He is even doing a good job at taking care of the piles on his counter of bills and mail.
-Dad is going to church and choir practice every week.
- Dad fills a sealing assignment at the temple every week.
- Dad is still puttering around his yard, caring for his tomatoes and flowers.
-Dad has Preston at his home two mornings a week, and gets him off to school.

Of course, he still has his occasional pity party, but don't we all.
I'm pretty proud of him. I know Mom is too.
Happy Birthday Daddy-o!

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S Foster said...

He's the best. Really.