Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Family Flashback

Feb 18, 1996
Monson Story.  He walked into the family room and looked up at his mother and said..."I don't have anything in my pocket." Now I that an invitation or what to ask him what he has in his pocket? So after about 30 seconds, Melinda said, "Monson, what do you have in your pocket?"  He looked like he had been how did she know?...who told her?  He shoved his hand in his pocket and proceeded to empty a whole pocket full of chewable vitamin C, all of the time muttering something to himself.  He really lives life to the fullest and with great gusto. We just laugh at him all of the time.

First Day of school photo Sept. 1996....
The boys have bleached out hair from swimming all summer in Grandma Butters pool.  Monson always looked as us with one eye closed...just like Popeye....for years.

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