Saturday, September 14, 2013

3 Birthdays, a Closet and a Run.

Sandy, Wayne, Terry and Mark.    Wayne with Ella .  Laila and Becca being a 3 legged man.
What a week of celebration!  
Terry turned 50 on 9/11 and Cyrrena surprised him with a party at the church.   He thought he was going to do Stake audit stuff when he came to the primary room but we had cake and festivities instead. 
Part of the group...Bohns, Belnaps, Mel Evans, Welches, Farleys, and Smiths.     4 Bros:  Grant, Eric, Wayne and  Bob.  Bob's cake made by Penny Bohn.   SI and Kimi showing off their animal Vegas.
Bob Farley also turned 50 and Kimi surprised him with a "Lucky you are 50 Casino night at Wayne's office.  So fun. We had appetizers and games and prizes and cake.  We dressed in sparkles or "Vegas" attire. I serenaded him with a rendition of "50 is the Luckiest number..."

My walk in closet is done. It is double the original size.  That is reason to celebrate. I loaded it all back in and I can't believe all my stuff. Now I need to clean out.  Thanks to nephew Brad Bentley for making this happen. We still have Monson's side to work on.  
Laura with Aubrey Whitman.  Pres. Taylor is always a good sport.
 Our stake had a fun run/ color run. Wayne, Laura and I all volunteered to cut watermelon and feed the messy masses.  We had one minute of sunshine inbetween all of the wet weather and boy did people ever get messy!
......and finally our sweet Tami had her 44th birthday.  Rain ruined our zip line plans but we went to Charlie Chows  and Orange Leaf instead......then played  cards.  Yeah for wonderful family and friends.

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