Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday...updates

Laila as Tinkerbell with  our awesome Stephi dog
I don't know if I shared with you about Laila and her Tinkerbell dress.  While on our family vacation to Disney World, she could choose from any Princess costume and we would get it for her...she chose Tinkerbell, which we thought was interesting.  She put the dress on and immediately got on the bed and jumped of and then the couch and jumped off and was so disappointed that she didn't fly.  "My wings are broken," she said.  "My wings don't work.  I'm mad."  She thought for sure she would fly with the wings on the dress.   We tried to explain it was just pretend.  She was  soooooo disappointed.  She hasn't really wanted to wear it since.

IN other family news....
-Bre is having a great time with Ariel.  Ariel looks amazing and is enjoying all of the children and the sunshine.
-Addison is finally a Disney World employee!!!  Disney World moves really any big coorporation.   He got hired as a Puppeteer and as Goofy/Sully.  He starts March 9th and is looking forward to learning all about it.
-Landon is busy with being a Behavioral Aide at the Autistic school.  He is spending a lot of time with Alex Buzelli-- a really great guy with two kids.

-Tru is trying to get a job while going to school online and getting his Hellatru  Company up with his first sets of tshirts rolling out in March for Mustache March.
-Monson is a Zone leader in Williamston, MI.  He loves everything about it, except the many, many phone calls.  He is over 8 sisters, 16 Elders...and 3 huge areas.
Elder Welch with Elder  Landon Foust....Shanna Bentley's brother.
-Laila loves Valentines day except for the mushy parts.  She designed her own card and we included a sucker on it. "...........Because treats are the most important part."

We also put together a Locker Valentine's Box.

 OH.....and when Laila is bored, she stickers her face.......and she draws on her toes.

-Wayne is an amazing Eat to Live-r.  He is down 25 pounds...and going strong.  His cholesterol levels have all dropped, so no more meds!
-I  got to be in the "Fab 50" audience for the Studio 5 show.  I didn't say much....but I got pretty good air time and a beautiful chocolate bundt cake as a going away treat.  Tru ate it for me.
Mom  (Grandma Sheri) is getting her hair back!!! Love the angel halo effect.

Life is good.

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