Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday


Laila took her own shopping cart to the store yesterday.  She had a dress on and looked just like a wee woman, picking things off of the shelves to buy.  4 tiny pumpkins and a pack of pink gum later, she was through.  We got many amazed looks from other shoppers.  It was a kick in the head.

Laila is so great.   She wears her Snow White outfit around and loves it.  She is Meg today from Hercules.  Truman is Hercules.  Addison is always Gaston and Wayne is always Beast.  She strokes Wayne's face and looks at him so is funny.  HE walks in the door from work and she runs to him and says, "My Beast."

Laila loves to sing.  I teach voice lessons in the afternoons and Laila comes in and stands by my side and sings all of the warm up scales.  She is quite good at it. The voice students try not to chuckle. She sings like Ariel in the Little Mermaid and she sings church songs and holiday songs.

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