Sunday, September 30, 2012

Primary Program

We had our primary program today.... I loved it.  The spirit was so strong and the children were so clean and beautiful.  There was one little 4 year old Mason boy who sang his heart out in every song.  He really was the only one anyone watched.  It was just so sweet. All of the children took turns at the  microphone sharing a Choose the Right moment or experience.  Nick Cash, the music leader just cried through every song.  I know this, because I got to sit on the stand with my 9 year old class and watch the congregation smile, laugh and cry.  I love Primary Programs.

Nick Cash really is a wonderful man and a great asset to our ward's primary.  He shares touching, testimony building stories each week as he teaches new songs and sings already learned ones.  Even the Blazer boys sit up and pay attention.  I like to think of him as Jolly Ol' Saint Nick.

Nick bakes cookies every sunday and takes them around to whomever spoke in church that day.  We have had our fair share of Nick cookies.  It really is a sweet tradition.  Well....all of the Primary children spoke today, so he had an individually wrapped cookie for each kid to take home with them.
Heather Kofford, Nick Cash and Laila
Laila said this about Nick Cash one morning as we were getting ready for Church.
"I think Nick Cash could be our Prophet or atleast in the Quorum of the 12.  He tells the best stories and has a strong testimony every week."

I shared this remark with Nick and he said....."Wow, she just made my millenium."

What a wonderful role model for all of these primary kids and what a wonderful family friend.

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Erin Blake said...

the look on his face in this picture tells it all. You can see it all!