Monday, September 17, 2012

Couple's trip 2012

Top 10 highlights : 
1.  Biking every morning all over the St. George Bike trails
2.  A  "most excellent" BBQ at the Belnaps, with "most excellent" meat and an "awesome" salad
3.  You tube movies, games, gospel discussion and non stop talk
4.  Hiking Zions canyon to the lower, middle and upper Emerald pools and finding a tarantula on the trail
5.  Eating at Oscar's in Zions 

6.  BIRTHDAY lunch for Bob Farley complete with dinosaur cake
7.  Where's Waldo glassses
8.  Rivalry game  BYU vs. Utah....having Bob Lake and Brett Blake in the same room with no bloodshed
9.  St. George Temple Sealing session with Lynn Blake.  
10.  Kissing over the altar once again.

I always feel so blessed to have so many wonderful, different groups of friends. This was a great group to be with:  Lakes, Belanps, Farleys,  Johnstons, Binghams and Blakes.  Getting away for a weekend takes effort. It's never convenient.  But it's always worthwhile and wonderful. 

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