Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 10 Bear Lake Highlights

We are back from another year at Bear Lake.  We have been doing this for 40 years and not much changes year after year....we like it that way!

TOP 10 List:
1-- Ice cream  cone or Shakes every day
2 --The big floating Island ....stayed on the water for hours, which brought about many sunburns
3--50 miles around the lake on our bikes
4--Having  cousin Savannah Bentley with us this year.. she is a delightful, fun, talkative child.
5--Hunkering under our 4 canopies while the storms swirled around us and chased everyone else off the beach.  Dad even stayed under the U of U canopy...but only because he had his BYU hat on.
6--Jenna sharing matching swim suits with a stranger
8-- Mom making sandwiches every lunch time on the beach
9--Volleyball with no fighting and all playing
10--Matching Towels...

The Island heading out to sea
We read and sit and sit and read some more.

Love Mom's sassy read hair!
Laila reading on the beach.  Savannah laughing.  Laila puts on her crazy sun screen
Marcie with her grand baby Ryan

Golfing with Savannah, Laila and Preston.... 

Wayne actually played volley ball every time... he was the secret weapon on his team...not even dizzy
Volley ball winners!!!   You can see our towels in the back ground hanging over our condo decks.
We play a ton of games
Al, Liz, Melinda, Landon, Jenna, Rachel...and the 3 Call boys .....who really love each other
Mom and Dad gave everyone towels for Christmas with our names on them...

Gary worked on a new hair product while we were there. He straightened Laila's hair.  Laila informed us:
"I think straight hair makes me look so much older.  Curly hair makes me look like I'm six."

Laila read the Hunger Games during our vacay week.  This is the first time she has actually joined us in reading on the beach.

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bre and add said...

OH my goodness. I still can't believe we missed it. it makes me so so sad!-at least I skipped the sun burn! another successful year at Bear Lake.