Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF...... I'm 5?

I'm  5 in this picture.  This is my birthday cake and pool toy Sammy the seal.

Me, Liz---  at 3 months old, Momma Sheri and Adam.   I'm pretty sure Marcie was taking the picture.  We loved to take the picture and not be in the picture.   Mom would make and decorate all of our cakes with yummy royal icing.  She did beautiful icing flowers and specialized in roses.
 Laila always comments on the short hair of the 60's.  So many little girls with short hair.  IT was because of the famous model Twiggy and pixie cut actress, Audrey Hepburn.  They  rocked the short hair cut and so did I??  Marcie had the long hair....she had the tangles and the tears.  I did not.
I just turned 5 times 10 this week!

My birthday was filled with biking with Wayne a pedicure with Laila, Lunch with some girl friends, a pie run to Marie Callendars for my favorite Rhubarb pie which I then proceeded to eat 1/2 of proving that the self control I had at 49 is still with me at 50, dinner with Wanee, Holly, Wayne, Landon, Laila, Sheri and Lyle...and then crashing on the couch to catch up on Design Star and BunHeads tv shows.
I didn't do one thing I didn't want to do.....
It's been fun to look at  my old pictures and reminisce.  I have to get my pics into a nice album like I have for Wayne and the rest of the kids.  The tape in the old books is pretty much non existant and the books are in shambles.   I have my work cut out for me.....but I do enjoy scrapbooking, so it will be fun.

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