Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our first Biff on the Bikes

When Wayne got home from riding around Bear Lake he was pretty confident that it was time for us to trade our regular bike pedals in and get clips and shoes instead.  I was a bit hesitant, but as usual I jumped in feet first and got clips and shoes for my sweet Dolce bike.
This is a huge step in the biking world
We tried them out at the bike store and clipped in and out over and over to get the feel of it.  Then we had a "lesson" on the track at MPJH.  We clipped in and clipped out and rode around and around.  We got our confidence built. It was a lot easier clipping in while riding, that's for sure.
We read a lot about technique and the best way to do this, but were warned over and over that we would fall down for sure.  Once or twice.  Most likely in front of many people.    I thought..."Really?  This isn't that hard."
Time for the open road.
 Day one.. no problem.  Of course, we didn't stop very much, but when we did one shoe clipped out and we leaned to the right and we were saved.
Day two.... Disaster strikes.  We were heading to the stop on Davis Blvd and Val Verda Road.  Wayne comes to a stop, clips out his right foot.  I clip out my right foot.  There is a car across from us, there is a car behind us and many cars coming down the hill.   Then.....in what feels like slow motion, Wayne
 ( who has balance issues) begins leaning toward his  left and falls to the pavement while I yell out..... "Wayne" and reach to my left, which then effects my balance.  I fall to the pavement on top of Wayne's bike.  
Two turtles on their backs.... 
Once we assessed that we were all right-- just a skinned knee, skinned elbow, bruised thigh, greasy shins, bruised ego.....I couldn't stop laughing.  I also couldn't get my shoe unclipped so we could get up.  We were trapped while I struggled with my shoe clip and cars just  had to go out around us.  I wasn't making any type of eye contact with the drivers.  They wanted to know if we were okay....I think the laughter let them know we were.  I finally got my shoe off and was able to get off of Wayne and  stand up which enabled Wayne to stand up and move our bikes off to the side of the road.  
Still No eye contact.... "just move along folks.  Nothing to see here"...except two embarrassed bikers.
It was so funny.
I couldn't unclip my shoe off of the bike, even standing up.   Wayne had to pop it off for me, then I was able to get it back on and we rode off into the sunset...but not before the  brown car guy, who saw the entire thing happen, came back around the block to check on us again.
A thumbs up was all he needed.
 Ay ay ay.
I am laughing even while I write this.  It should be on American's Funniest...but I am glad that no one caught us on tape.  We were basically stopped, and then just, fell over.... just like that.
We are now unclipping both shoes, just to be safe, until we get the bike clip thing. Our bikes have some gashes and bruises too, so they are sufficiently broken in.
When I look at me in this biking get up ... I don't recognize myself.  Let's hope no one did on Val Verda road either.
Hoping it's our last fall....but it probably isn't. Next time I'm just going to relax and aim for my bum.

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