Monday, July 16, 2012

50 in 50

 50 lessons learned in 50 years
Lessons I have learned, collected, observed… If I list something it’s because I truly believe it –
 1.  “Nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm”  Ralph Waldo Emerson.  This is the beginning of a very long quote extolling the virtues of Enthusiasm that I first memorized as a sophomore at BHS.  It has stayed with me and I use it was my mantra.  Enthusiasm comes from a Greek root that means “with God.”

 2.  “People are more important than things”  Grandma Butters

 3.  “There is beauty all around, when there’s love at home.” LDS Hymn

 4.  “The Sun will come out tomorrow.”  -- Annie

 5.  Change is good and I am good with change

 6.  We make our own “ happily ever after.”  

 7.  Look for connections….My Sweet mother In law, Wanee, is so wonderful at this.  She is always trying to find some one who knows some one who  she knows.  It’s a great exercise and a way to feel like we are all part of this life experience together.

 8.  Choose the right…except at Disneyland and then I think choosing the left line will always get you on the ride faster

 9.  Be You.  We are all one and onlys.

 10. Relax and breathe.  I liked the To Do list I had in my home for awhile. “To do today…..#1. Breathe  #2.  Relax”

 11.  Pray with spouse.  We have done this off and on throughout our marriage.  It’s better when we are on. 

 12.  Date night is important—continue to date your spouse. 

13.  In charge of your own Happiness.  Let “Happy” be your most felt emotion.

14.  Choose your attitude. 

15.  Be a good hugger.  30 second hugs are what get the endorphins flowing

16.  Spend money on vacations – Memories are made and shared

17.  Hold children while you can.  They really do grow up so quickly

18.  Spiritual moments bring the most joy

19.  My parents really, really love me… I know this now, because of how much I really, really love my own children.

20.  It’s okay not to watch the news or read the newspaper

21.  People get good at things through practice

22.  Read—Books are my friends

23.  Wash face every night

24.  Everyone has their own bucket of stuff.  I have my stuff, your have your stuff...seen or unseen we all have problems and issues and stuff.

25.  Don’t judge or assume—When you look at a person any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them.

26.  Love is the Answer—and the key--- Love anyway.  Forgive anyway.

27.  Don’t yuck on someone else’s yum

28.  Kindness matters

29.  Try  new stuff….don’t get stuck in the same old, same old.

30.  People don’t come to see how clean your house is, they come to see YOU

31.  Good enough is okay in so many areas

32.  Processed food is killing us… we need to eat whole, good food...

33.  There are all types of people in this world….and we are all children of God.

34.  Work on friendships…. Make time for friends

35.  A smile is a gift you give to the world and to your face. 

36.  Missions turn boys into men

37.  Marry for Love

38.  Exercise for fun.  Find an outside activity that you enjoy and do it often.

39.  Eat for pleasure….

40.  Faith not fear. Let your faith be bigger than your fear

41.  Clean up as you  go… no big messes

42.  Make your bed every day, then your room is “clean.”

43.  Don’t yell—try not to—whisper instead

44.  SUNSCREEN – trust me

45.  Visit parents and grandparents on Sunday

46.  Temple brings peace…Go often

47.  Learn to make a good Sunday meal.. some special dessert…kids will think  you are a good cook

48.  Miracles happen all around us

49.  Prayers are answered

50.  Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer


Lauren said...

I think you are fabulous! I hope to learn all of those things! Still struggling with the "people come to your house to see you, not how messy your house is". :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these momma. So sweet and so true. I believe all 50.