Sunday, April 22, 2012

WSU graduates!

Addison and Bre GRADUATED!!!
 Friday, April 20th was a wonderful sun-shiney day, made even brighter by Add and Bre getting out of College!  They jumped for Joy!

 They actually roller skated across stage to get their diplomas, instead of walking.  It was memorable.  Then they participated in some Xanadu songs for the Musical interlude.
Three generations of WSU Theatre Graduates.... Add and Bre, Grandma Sheri and Momma Melinda


Erin Blake said...

How fun is that to graduate at the same time in the same major?! I saw that clip of his choreographed number and I couldn't believe it haha. What a great picture of you all together with your mom. She looks great !

bre and add said...

Wahhhoooo! Best graduation I've ever attended! I may steal these pics for my blog! :)