Friday, April 13, 2012


This is Sister Liz, Maryann Loveless, Me, Sister Angela and Sister Marcie in Nunsense for the Bountiful Community Theatre, 1997.
 Really, they ARE my sisters in real life too.
 My mom directed the show and LindaJo Whitman played the piano.
   We had a riot playing Nuns...singing and dancing our guts out.  We laughed at  and with each other a lot.   It was in the summer time, and boy, were those habits hot.
 I don't know how real nuns can stand it. 
Our children were amazed by us.  (This is the back of Monson's head.) 
I still have people in grocery stores and at church meetings talk to me about Nunsense and what fun it was  to have the "family" in it and "when are we going to perform it again?"
   Good times.
I'm in show mode right now as well.
I can't wait for South Pacific to open at Center Point theatre, April 24. I've been watching a few rehearsals.  I know I'm biased, but my crew... Bre, Landon, Laila and Rob....are doing great. It's fun to see them on stage sharing in what I love sooooo much.......
I really think South Pacific is a gem of a show. The music is lovely and soaring.   The message of racism  is timeless, and there is enough funny to help with the serious moments.  It's just lovely.  
Landon as Lt. Joe Cable and Bre as Nurse Nellie Forbush

Now what show can I be in....?

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Erin Blake said...

You can be in Tangled the musical...
Cutest picture of Landon and Bre ever!