Friday, April 20, 2012

TGIF.....1200 South

Melinda, Liz, Angela, Adam, Momma Sheri and Daddy Lyle...1971

This was taken outside our home on 1200 South in Bountiful.  Marcie was the photographer, and that's why she is not in the shot.  I am in the 4th grade....same as Laila.  
 I remember the tiny garage was always packed with stuff, never a car.  I remember mixing up dirt shakes in the back yard til it looked like foamy root beer and then trying to get the neighbor kid to drink it.  That big cherry tree over the drive way was so much fun to climb and play in. I remember picking all of the ripe cherries, without my mom knowing and putting them in our red wagon, then going door to door selling them.  Mom was not happy.  I remember the "sexy" inside closet door in my parent's bedroom.  It was a life size painting of a 1940's style pin up girl.  It was there when we bought the house.  My dad hung his ties over it to try to hide it.  I remember the dirt cellar where we kept our potatoes, onions and carrots.  I always hoped I wouldn't have to go in there and get them for dinner.  It was stinky and scary.  I remember the huge lilac bush on the east side of the house.  It was our fort.  We would put blankets between the bushes and hide in there with our transistor radio hooked on a branch and sing  "bye bye Miss American Pie...." and "Jeremiah was a bullfrog...."  I even remember the layout of the house. 
 Happy memories.  


Rachel Emily said...

You look exactly the same except 9

Si said...

I LOVE this.