Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs with my chickens....

We love to color eggs every year. 
 The colors , the vinegar smell,  the waiting for the eggs to dye so we listen to cheesy Here comes peter cotton tail music.   
 Ahhhhhhhh...... Spring is in the air!

The Welch cousins always get together on the Saturday before Easter for an Egg-Throw in the park.  It began as an egg roll when Wayne was little with his own siblings... but rolling eggs didn't break them quick enough.  The Cousins love to throw the eggs, have them break open and see how many seagulls we can attract.  It's a funny tradition.

TGIF ..............Easter 1991
Addison, Grandma Sheri, Melinda, Baby Truman, Landon


Misty said...

I remember many scenes like your English daffodil scene when I was there on my mish. Oh, and did you know that I broke into your house while you were gone?? Ask Laila about that one. :)

Lauren said...

aaaahwww. I love seeing Truman in your posts these days :)

Si said...

That last pic is HYSTERICAL, I have one just like it, big hair, just had baby, looking wiped out.