Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welch Catch up

My Elder #1 and Elder #2 boys are doing great in their respective missions.  Truman has it all figured out. He Isn't needy.  He has his head totally in the game.  He is happy with a hard working last companion, and he can't believe we will be at his mission home door in 4 weeks.  One the other hand.....Monson is  emailing every week about needing something....a jacket, recipes, flashlight, cd's.... I am always sending him something.  He made me promise not to mail treats to him... which is why this email from his companion is so funny.

"Hey Sister Welch, This is Elder Jones.... I was just writing to say Elder Welch is too scared to tell you he wishes you would send treat packages.... As his trainer I have the obligation to make sure this is taken care of.  I am trying to help with your sons shyness and lack of courage.... We will get there I promise!!! haha God bless you guys... you have a great son!
Elder A. Jones"
Landon had a horrible head ache week.  He hasn't had one that long or intense in weeks.  He takes mounds and mounds of medicine every day....but to no avail.  We are "over" this whole headache thing and wish someone would inform Mr. Migraine of this.

Bre, Landon and Laila and Bro in Law - Rob Madsen, all tried out for South Pacific at CPT.   We hope they all make it.  I would love a Family show.  This was Laila's first "real" audition.  Usually I just sign her up or put her in a show I'm working on at Bountiful High.  She was a bit nervous about this audition.   She practiced her Own Little Corner song for weeks in advance.  She has great pitch and looks like a pacific islander, so unless something dreadfully wrong happens, I say, she is IN.

Add and Bre are in their final semester for school. They both graduate as Musical Theatre majors in April.  I really am so proud of them.  They are doing something they love and following their passion. As Bre would say, " Huzzah! "   I have the answer for them when people ask about their plans after graduation...

Wayne got a new car.  He traded in his boyhood dream- Jaguar for a  Black Hyundai Elantra. It's a decrease on the cool factor but an increase on the technology factor.  Plus, the gas mileage will be amah-zing this summer.  I am feeling a bit "smug" as a Prius owner as gas prices continue to rise.   A few days before Wayne got his Elantra, friend Eric Belnap got a dark gray Elantra.  Same exact car.  Too funny.

GOOD NEWS-- My Momma's cancerous tumor is shrinking.   She came away from her doctor's yesterday higher than a kite.  The Chemo is working and she is on the mend.    These are her words,
"I am so amazed at the results of the scan, and yet I am not.  I knew my very healthy body could fight these cells.  I knew I had had a wonderful blessing that would happen if I did my part.  I still have two more sessions.....and I am willing to go through it to ensure the cancer is all gone.

I also knew that with the faith and prayers of all of you, things could be changed around.  Your prayers have been the key to everything.  Prayer is the only "Pain Pill" that works for me. I can never thank you enough."


Tara said...

I really like reading your blog. It is fun to hear about your family and all the parties you have. It makes me want to have more parties. Also, love to hear your updates on Sheri. I am so happy to hear that the cancer is shrinking. Love you guys!

Kimi said...

Now I'm high as a kite! Good for Sheri!!! So happy to hear this news!