Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Wrap up... Top 10

10-- Seeing Lights on Temple square....even though it was soooo cold.  
This is how we celebrated Christmas Adam  ( The night before the night before Christmas)
9-- Christmas Eve Cole Family Breakfast at Marcie's with White elephant Gift Exchange.

8-- Cole Family Traditional Bowling at Bountiful Bowl....even Winston joined us

7-- Seeing Add and Bre's faces when they opened their new TV...
6--  Sing a long at Grandma Sheri's.  Love the family choir sound we make.
5--  Laila's solution to hiding presents til after Church
4-- Laila's joy in bursting through the wrapping paper

3--  Three Presents  appreciated and the squeal Monson made when he opened his Heat Jersey.
2-- Christmas dinner with the Reynold's family and Wanee and Holly.  Monson and Landon helped with the mashed potatoes, and Wayne brought me beautiful roses for the table.  
1--Truman's Telephone call.....   Gpa Lyle and Gma Sheri joined in the conversation.... I am so happy my Mom is feeling okay enough to join in all of the festivities.
It was so good to talk to my boyfriend, and see his cute, skinny, long face.  He is totally engaged in missionary work and happy to be in England.  

My Missionary!!!!!!!

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