Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Year Books

See ya next year
Stay Cool!
Year book signing day was always very important to me.  My written in and on books will attest to the hours I spent sitting on the floor at BHS writing in year book after year book while others passed mine around to do the same. I would save a whole page for Wayne to write to me on.  This way he knew the expected amount.

I would come home and read every  signing....was there a secret intivation in there?  A hidden meaning?  Unrequited loved?

Truman spent a day one summer going through his yearbook and actually calling everyone who had written...."Call me.  We should hang out some time."  
 "Hello this is Truman.  You said to call you, so I am..... ( pause) ......"
 It was awkward.  Truman loved it!

I read all of my kids books to see who is writing what, and what types of kids my kids are hanging out with  etc...   Some kids write the rudest, weirdest, creepiest, dirtiest things.   I really don't know what they are thinking.   I make sure to let my children know not to hang out with these kids every again!

Addison was okay with year book day.  He only wanted "real" friends to write in his....not everyone and every body.   Landon and Truman wanted everyone and everybody...Monson couldn't care less.  He has had many years where his books are "clean."

Monson was a good sport this year.  He stayed and participated in a few hours of yearbook signing.  He went from getting his book straight into Chamber Choir class, where they all wanted to sit in a circle and pass the books around.  Monson dreaded this.......so he would look what the girl next to him was writing and write the exact same thing in the book he was writing in.  If she  wrote , "We should hang out this summer.  Call me. "  Monson would write, "Lindsey wants to hang out with you this summer. Call her." So funny.  He hates the awkward times when he is finished writing his two lines in someone's yearbook and they are writing an epistle in his.  SO he acts like he is still writing then closes the book so they can't see his page.
He made sure he wrote in every girl's book...."I wish we would have kissed more."  
He makes me smile.

Have I read or even looked at my old yearbooks since?  
No .  My kids have though and got a good chuckle.
What seemed so important at the time... a life line to friends that would last forever is really such a momentary thing.  


Haskell's said...

some might say it's a bit sad, but i didn't have a single person write in my year book. I won't remember most those people and my friends I stay in touch with I already know how they feel about me and they know how I feel about them... but lets pretend for a second I'm writing in your year book... Seriously this has been the best year ever! We for sure need to hang out this summer! I am SERIOUS! Call me and we will play. HAGS Girlfriends forever!!

Brooke Shoko said...

monson is hilarious. i loved the kissing comment. i miss tru.

Kimi said...

Ummmmmmm.........what is HAGS?