Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monson Graduates

Monson graduates from Bountiful High School Friday night.

Once again I ask, where did the time go?

Just yesterday he was sitting in my car, doing errands with me,  being my buddy while his brothers were in school.  I remember his little smirk, and one eyed popeye face.  I asked him what he was thinking about....his response, at 3 years old,  "I'm just thinkin' how cool I am."

That just about sums up Monson's life experience.

He is cool, and he is many other things as well.

Monson is a lover.  He  has always had a girl friend.   A string of them really...since before he was 16.   My dad has quit trying to remember all of their names, because they keep changing.  We tease him that they are all short and brunette....and what he should date/marry is an amazon-blonde if he wants the tall-athletic-family-team that he can coach when he's a dad.

Monson also loves the Lord.  He is a scripture scholar whether he admits it or not.  He is Priest quorum 1st Assistant and has served on the stake youth committee for the past year.  He loves mission prep gatherings with Brother B., and is excited to turn his mission papers in at the end of August.
Seminary Graduation: Adam, Christine, Jenna, Gma Sheri, Monson, Wayne, Melinda

Monson is an athlete.  He loves sports.  He could watch ESPN 24/7.   He knows what's going on and has opinions about who and what is the BEST.  He loves LeBron James ...he thinks he is LeBron James. Sports have been good to him.  He had a great high school football career.  He was asked to play in the All Star 4A-5A Football game this June.  This is an honor that only two BHS students received, Monson and his good buddy Dillon Salazar.    Monson has  great friends because he was involved in  basketball and football while at BHS.  Buddies that will carry him through into College, mission and beyond.

Monson is obedient.  Example:  5th playoff game of his favorite team...Miami Heat and Wayne asks him to set up home teaching appointments instead.  Monson gets on the phone and calls his two families....with a happy voice and attitude.  I don't know why I am always amazed by this.  I should be used to it by now. He is an obedient child.  He is home by midnight on Friday.....10:30 on school nights, and he is rarely late.   When I ask him to tend his sister, on a weekend, he is always willing.  This attribute will serve him well through out his life.

Monson is moving on.
I keep having his song go through my head and heart as I watch him finish up his senior year.
It's a song I made up for him and would sing to him as I rocked this google faced, red head baby to sleep at night.

Monson, Monson I love you so
Monson, Monson I'll watch you grow...
So tall and so strong
So kind and so smart
Oh, Monson
You're God's work of art.

I believe my Monson has lived up to all of the attributes I assigned to him in his song.....
He is Tall, although he wishes he was a lot taller.
He is Strong...and continues to work out and get stronger  all the time--even with his wretched wrist.
He is Kind.... truly Kind....
He is Smart as evidenced by his scholarship and Honor cords which he brought home and surprised me with.

My baby is all grown up........and he still is very cool.


Laura said...

WOW…I am now totally crying. I love this kid too and he really is cool. Mostly he is a man of action and a man of God. Laura

Sheri said...

Your tribute to Monson on your blog brought me to tears....thanks

He us a pretty amazing young man....and I adore him. Can't wait to watch him play football on the 11th

Love are pretty amazing yourself


Lauren said...

I love Monson! He really is all of those things!
I'm also curious to know what you're attribute/goal is for June. I can't believe you started the goals in January. It's been 6 months now. That's so crazy.

Anyway, love Monson.

Si said...

I'm in love with Monson. Loved your tribute to him. What a great kid.

bre and add said...

what a handsome senior photo! Congratulations moneyyyyy! We love you :)

Lesley said...

What a great post!! Wasn't it just yesterday that Janet and I came to the hospital to see you and the handsome new baby?