Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Share the Love and pass the Diet Coke!

                                  JANURAY IS OVER!!!!

I did a New Month's resolution for January as opposed to a New Year's Resolution.    I decided to do Month at a time resolutions this year.   I gave up carbonation and caffeine for one month.  I knew this was doable.  (A year without...not doable.)
So I did it--- no soda at the movies, no pop in my house, no stopping at the gas station for a mug refill.
Did I feel soooo good?  Less headaches?  Less bloating?  No. 
Do I feel good that I actually had enough self control to commit and do it  for 31 days?  Yes.
I had two types of resolutions for January:   No ones and Yes ones.  I did No to Caffeine and Yes to an Apple a day.  An Apple a day worked well for me too.
I am feeling pretty good about myself.  I will feel even better when I get an ice cold-on tap- diet coke in my system again.  My cousin calls diet coke " a cleanse."  It's important to cleanse, this is why when you travel abroad the one drink that is safe to drink is Coke.  Right?!?!?

I have been working on my February resolution.  I am going to call it Share the Love Month...and do one thoughtful thing a day.  Love notes, thank you notes, hugs, kisses, prayers, gatherings, visiting, food, treats...all with Love in mind.  Today I sent out 6 thank you notes.
This is a short month, but I hope I come up with enough ideas to fill it.

I am looking forward to Valentine's Day.  It falls on a Monday night and I am already thinking of fun family night activities and food for LOVE FEST 2011.  This will be all red and pink themed, of course, kind of opposite my dismal dinner extravaganza from October.



Melanie said...

Hallelujah January is over! Great job on the no DC and a great February idea.

Laur said...

Love the month resolution idea. SO do-able!

Lesley said...

I like the monthly resolution idea too. I'm going to give it a try... I may even try the apple a day.