Monday, February 14, 2011


We Love Valentine's around our house.
 This is the card Laila handed out.  She loved picking out what to wear and putting on lipstick for the Photo shoot.  What a dah-ling Valentine.
Monson's truck got Heart Attacked.  He was shaking his head as he walked toward it in the school parking lot.  Then when he discovered that Momma Melinda was the culprit.....he sent a cute "thank you and I love you too" text.  It was all worth the crazy wind, and running around the parking lot picking up the many blown away hearts.

Family Night....Love Fest.  We had the Grandparents and Holly join with us for a Red and White dinner.  Spaghetti and Meat balls, Garlic Bread, Red Jello, White corn,  ( Salad-- not red or white, just healthy ).

We all wrote Cinquain Love poems and did Love Notes for each other.  
"Ten Things I Love about you!!"
Addison's poem was about Bre...and Bre's poem was about Addison......Ahhhhhhhh!
Lovely, Black
Looking, Staring, Wanting
Watching....always watching.
(This was Monson's "love" poem--he makes me laugh)

Wayne surprised me this weekend with Dark Chocolate Mindy fave, Flowers and he cleaned and organized his side of the bedroom.  Lo- hove- It!
We played crazy games:  Cup - Tower stacking, Shake your booty box, Cotton ball drop,  Red Hot Chop Stix and Broadway dance on the Wii.  
Holly was Maria from the "Sound of Music" and she had three AWESOME back up dancers help her with 
"My Favorite Things."
Strawberry Jello Cake with Whip Cream rounded out the night...and..... Chocolate "Best Sport" Medals.  It was fun to be together and share the LOVE!


Si said...

You are a riot. Really, who thinks of this???
love you.
oh ps, I lol at Monson's poem.

erin noelle said...

Seriously. Only Melinda!

Rachelle said...

I LOVE IT! HOW FUN! I am particularly impressed with Laila's valentines! so cute and creative!

Jill said...

Looks like another awesome party!

Souza Family said...

Sometimes I wish you or Sheri would adopt me.

Kimi said...

In contrast to your festive spirit, I, myself celebrated this year the fact that I never have to make another Valentine box.

Then I saw Laila's Valentine and wished for just one more year.