Friday, February 18, 2011

Achooooo.....cough, cough......blow

I have a head cold.....
After months of my superior genes looking down on all of the sick people around me, I have finally succumbed.
I don't know how this happened.  Why me?  Why now?  Why when I have been mega dosing on vitamins and drinking a ton of water and washing my hands, and spraying lysol, and , and.........

I was sick free through all of the HAIRSPRAY rehearsal process.  The Show opens and POW-- I have congestion, my vocal chords are trapped in mucus, and I sound like a smoker.
 IT make-a me smad.

I did have a good show last night.  Gravelly...but good.   I belted my notes out with a flourish.  I had 10 relief society sisters in the audience, that I really wanted to impress.   I thought  my pride would get the better of me and the Lord would silence me for sure...but my humble prayers were answered.  Hallelujah!    Side note:  I got a good review in the Clipper for my Velma.  It said..."Melinda Cole Welch shows how funny it could have been if Lady Macbeth had ever become a stage mom."  

Today I am suffering.  I coughed all day....all night.
At night, I try to get in a head position that makes it so I don't cough, but then I  hover some where between sleep and wakefulness in an effort to keep my head still.  It's a pain.
 Last night I got to add sick Laila to the mix.  She was up 3 times throwing up.
 Poor, baby girl.
 She is my sick buddy today.
We are eating toast, sipping on warm Sprite and watching Master of Disguise and other equally inane dvd's.

I am determined to be  all better by Saturday next performance.

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