Monday, February 28, 2011

28 Days of Nice

28 days of nice was harder than I thought.
I am basically a nice person.
If you were to list the attributes of Melinda, I am sure nice is on the list some where.
 Maybe not at the top-- probably funny, crafty, happy, organized...would all come ahead of nice, but I am pretty sure nice would make the list at some point.
  So this "Nice Month" is about thinking about nice above and beyond my normal call of duty.


I tried to keep  a list of what that entailed for me to see if I was getting any nicer.  Some times I only did the Nice thing because I knew I was making the held me accountable, or hostage, as the case may be. 

 Some days took a lot of searching to find that little extra bit of NICE

1:  Picked up other teacher's garbage
2:  Sat by those I don't usually sit by....and talked.
3:  Dropped everything and sat and rocked my girl!
4:  Extra lovin for my Wayne
5:  Helped a friend with pick ups and car issues
6:  Cleaned the kitchen without yelling at my kids, who should have cleaned the kitchen
7:  Sent a loving missionary package
8:  Delivered carmel popcorn to those in need......of carmel popcorn!
9:  Left a tip at Maverick
10:  Made sure Wayne Video taped Monson's concert and I watched it with him later
11: Took get well goody bag to Jan
12:  Made Valentine's for the cast
13:  Helped with Stephen's farewell...goodies and flowers
14:  Thought of Holly in planning the Love Fest
15:  Let Monson go to game at WX instead of YM
16:  Took Laila her Library book in the middle of the school day
17:  Cleaned up greenroom at CPT
18:  Helped the refs out at Monson's b ball game, by personally giving technicals to the Viewmont team.
19:  Arranged rides for my out of costume and microphone  QUICKLY so peeps wouldn't       have to wait for me so long
20:   Shoveled many walks, visited
21:  Did the Laila driving thing...let her have a sleep over....even though a pain for me to pick up, deliver, take, wait, get the idea.
22:  Organized where Laila is at so Wayne didn't have to worry
23: Cleaned other people's tables at a bakery
24: Made scarves and gave them away
25: Chauffeured
26:  Came home after the show to be with Wayne, instead of going out with the Cast
27:  Didn't get mad at the dog or peeing on the bathroom floor...even dogs need a break some times
28:  Knitted beanies.....gave them all away

Wow.....glad this month is over...........On to March Madness!!


erin noelle said...

oh no, I don't like the sound of that..

Laur said...

#4 and #18 were my favorites.

"Extra lovin' for Wayne" I love that!!