Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mouse in my house

We have Mice!!
We went to Disneyland to visit Mickey and all of his lesser friends moved into my house.
I took my tree down and it looked like mice had been camping out under the tree skirt for years.  Little black pellets everywhere.
Black pellets under my sink too.
Every where I look....mice tracks.
What's up with that?
Why doesn't my dog alert me to these intruders?
What good is a dog against mice?
We need a cat.
Maybe the dog is in cahoots with the mice and wants " little friends."
I truly don't get it.
Accounting for the amount of mice doo doo that's everywhere..we've got to have 40 or 50 mice living somewhere in my house.  Okay, so I may be exaggerating a little.
But........If there were extra humans living in my home, sneaking my food and sleeping under my Christmas tree  I would totally know and tell them to leave....please.
The Dog doesn't show any indication that another animal(s) has taken up residence in our kitchen.  The dog doesn't bark.  The dog doesn't care.  The dog is happy to share.  Must be some animal code about not ratting each other out...
(oooo....atleat it's not rats.)
I can just hear those squeaky, high voices mocking me from behind my couch.
I just heard a "snap" ....mouse trap...... go off under the sink....one down, 49 to go.


erin noelle said...

Best mousetrap ever is sold at target and is white plastic called The Clip or something. Trust me, when we came back from Australia, same thing. Droppings everywhere. We probably tried ten different ones. This one the best. We stayed up one night, turned off all lights and sat on the kitchen counter super quiet. One by one by two by one by one = 36!!!!!!!! mice later we were done. We just kept watching them sneak out, snap, go dump it, put it back, wait 5 minutes for the next one. SICKEST EVER. (However, I knew at the time it would make an awesome story. It was a good story right?)

Melanie said...

Ewwwwww I can't even read this. I can't tolerate mice at all! Thank goodness we haven't had any this year. Come on Baby....do your job!

Kimi said...

Creepers! I hate it! Yucky! Ewwww! Waaaahhhh! Take them away!

Ashley said...

Eeeak!!! I hate mice - hope you get rid of them soon. Visiting from mormon mommy blogs!

Jill said...

I AM SOOOOOO SORRY! I hate mice. Until you catch them set chairs up throughout your house and walk on those to get around. Or just go buy a bunch of traps! Good Luck!