Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's share............sushi

I know I have had my share of embarrassing moments. The thing is I'm not really "embarrassed" at the time, but I probably should be.   I just look at it as a  good"war" story that will get better with each telling.

We went out to a Sushi restaurant the Hahms  ( Korean Neighbors) opened up. We went with our friends the Belnaps and Farleys.   It's called Sushi Time on 94th south in SLC.  It was nummy!  Any non sushi eaters should go.  There are plenty of great non-seafood sushi's as well.   Delish!

Side note:  Sushi always makes me think of my missionary...Tru.   Truman loved going for midnight sushi runs with his friends, when all of the sushi was half price.  Good times.  The best Sushi I have ever had is YamaSushi in Las Vegas.....I go all swishy just thinking about that sushi.  

On with the story:      I was eating sushi with avocado on top and those little orange fish eggs.…it was so good.  I looked at the shared sushi platter at the end of the meal and thought there was a big chunk of avocado left over.  I reached  with my fork ( chopsticks are okay for about 3 tries, then I always whisper-ask for a fork)  and stabbed it and put it in my mouth…,,
Bob Farley, shouted at me, ”HEY.. What are you doing?” 
What was I doing?
I immediately felt the burn in my mouth and my lips go numb.  
I non politely spit out the green blob.
 It was a chunk of wasabi the size of my thumb. 
I almost wasabi’d myself to death. 
My head would have been on fire.
Medics would have been called!!!!!    I am dramatic 

My peeps  all got a good chuckle out of this.  
I laughed too, once I could feel my mouth…then, out of the blue I got a cramp in my thigh…right behind and above my knee.  
I was in crying out in  pain,  "Cramping, Cramp. I am Cramping!!" 
I grabbed Eric's thigh....sorry....Wayne grabbed my leg under the table to try and massage it.  NO USE. 
I couldn’t straighten my leg out and had to tumble off of the chair and try to stretch it in the restaurant, while pulling faces of excrutiating pain, and trying not to scream too loudly. At one point I believe I shouted, "It feels like I am having a baby out of my thigh."  I can't be sure.  I was delirious.
Now the Belnaps, Farleys and Wayne really couldn’t stop laughting at me.  I wasn't embarrased, but they  probably  were.
Good thing the Sushi was great, or I could never show my face there again.  

Magaro  tuna , heart shaped sushi with eel sauce......sooooo good!  Bro. Hahm does all of the Sushi.  This was his own, special  creation just for us that night.
I just wanted to share............


Laur said...

That is hilarious!

Laur said...


erin noelle said...

I think Lauren thinks it's hilarious. Wish we could have been there. I wouldn't have eaten the sushi, like Kimi, but I would have enjoyed laughing at/ I mean with you. love e

Kimi said...

You absolutely did say that! The whole thing was stinking hysterical.

I just had a thought...maybe you faked a cramp to make us stop laughing at your near-wasabi-death experience...hmmm. It no workey.

That was good times.

And I can tell all the non-fish-eating people that the regular food at that restaurant is excellent! So don't be afraid.

Love the ver word today! YOPUCKER

Perfect for February, the month of LOOOOVE!