Saturday, January 22, 2011

FLY, Fly!

Love this image!

Get cape.

Wear cape.


I know this is probably from the band of this title....but it makes me think.  

I am thinking about Truman and Laila this weekend, because it's their respective birthday's (Jan 21, 22).
As parents we are to raise our children so that they can leave us and be good, contributing adults.  It's a great responsibility.  It's also a pleasure to watch them change and grow.  To put their "cape" on and fly.

Truman is celebrating his first birthday - ever- away from me.  He is doing great in England, and I hope he has time for a bit of reflection on what he has done with his 20 years, and maybe smile at some funny past birthday moments. We sent him cards, candy and a mustache collection.  We all know how much he Luuuvs those :)   I love my missionary!

Laila had a cousin girl's sleepover last night to celebrate turning 9.  She made paper chain decorations, blew up balloons and came up with a check list of about 20 things that needed to be accomplished so the sleepover would be successful.  This included things like get a limbo bar, clear out the family room for dancing, and purchase dino chicken nuggets for dinner.  Laila loves a good list and making little squares before each thing so she can place her check mark.

 Savannah, Abby, Anna and Becca gathered to play "pretend," make crafts, dance with the wii, decorate a  birthday cake and open and play with presents.  Our home hasn't been this noisy for quite awhile.  It took Wayne and me back to our 4-little-boy-stage, when every day sounded like a party, sometimes an angry party....but still a party.  
It was fun ....even the very little sleep part.

Kids grow up much too soon.  
I hope I can help each of my children to find their cape  and fly!

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