Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanks for Monson

Monson's high school football career came to an end today.  It was a glorious fight.  It was great watching him on the field and hearing his name announced week after week.   It was great talking about fooball, and watching football and cleaning football uniforms--(ok that part wasn't great).

He made it to Semi Final play at Rice Eccles Stadium.  Dream come true.  He got to be in the U of U locker room, and run out onto the Ute field.  He really liked this part.   He would have liked the whole experience more, if BHS had won.  We lost to Mountain Crest 42 to 35.  They scored with one minute to go.  We had a chance, but a long pass was tipped and intercepted.  Devastation.

It was difficult watching Monson at the end.  Head hung down.  Walking slowly.  Spent.  He didn't want to leave the field knowing this was it.  He waited in the corner of the end zone for his buddy since preschool--Dillon Salazar.  They hugged and cried and were the last ones off the turf.  So bitter sweet.

It was going to be his last game either this week, or next week.
Just sad they didn't make it into the finals.

I am thankful for my Son and his drive to be a football player.  He is tough!

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Kimi said...

Made me cry. Great high school memories for him. Glad you wrote it down.