Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks for Football

So grateful for a gorgeous afternoon and BHS football.
 It was great to be in the quarterfinals, even greater to beat Spanish Fork 31 to 12.

Monson played so well.  I am always a bit nervous.  I want the boys to play hard, do their best, win and not get hurt.  My thoughts are a bit obsessive -- it's like a tape that plays over and over in my head all day....all week.

Today was bittersweet.  I cried in celebration with Money.  I cried when I thought that this is the last game he will ever play on the Larry Wall field and stadium.  The last time I will hear, "Tackle made by Monson, Money Welch"  echoing through those loud speakers.
Where has the time gone?

We all went out on the field when it ended and got pics with Money.  He was soaken wet.  He Stunk like....a football player.  We all hugged him and cradled up to him any way.  Big Smiles all around.

We are off to Rice Eccles at the U of U, next Friday, for Semi final play against Mountain Crest.  Who knows what will happen.

 It's been a glorious season.

I am thankful Monson loves football.....and I love Monson.

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Brooke Shoko said...

this is great!!
great job monson.
well done bhs.