Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for Pie night

I love the idea of eating dessert first, so having Pie the night before Thanksgiving is a great idea.
 We have been celebrating this way for years.  My mom's pie nights are legendary and have reached Epic status.  Her "one-of each" serving, or Russian she called it, because it sounded like you were speaking russian if you said it fast enough, will go down in family history.  We have had so many people celebrating pie night with us, that many of us had no idea who was eating our pies.  The more the merrier is Sheri's idea of a good time.
  (We all remember the night the Schwann's man filled his plate with pie. )

Tonight, I am looking forward to bites of many different kinds; pumpkin, coconut cream, apple, berry, chocolate, banana cream.............mmmmmmm delish!

I started a new tradition......drum roll please.......... Pie night before Pie night before Thanksgiving!!!!
I cooked up an apple cranberry pie from my friend Si's blog during the blizzard of 2010, last night. It was wonderful.

PS....I will take a BLIZZARD  any day over a regular, good old fashioned SNOW STORM.  6 inches of snow is nice and helps us to still get around Thanksgiving weekend.

I am thankful.


Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

Where was my invite =(

Jill said...

I was sad we missed it. The kids gave great reviews. Haley loved the black pie! Abby loved it all! I just hope Stockton tried some..

Si said...

you made apple cran?? Love that. Where was MY invite?