Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful for Music

I have Christmas music blasting through my house today.
Josh Groban's Noel CD is stirring.  I love how majestic sounding it is.  I love that I recognize all of the songs/hymns and sing them along with him.
I also really like Natalie Cole's, Gladys Knight's, Mo Tab's,  Harry Connick Jr.'s, The Carpenter's and Kenny G's Christmas collections.
I love Christmas music.
I really enjoyed the many years my sisters, mom and I would go around performing as the "Cole Collection" at Christmas time.
It was  a "most wonderful time of the year" for me.
 We sang so many jingle bell versions, silent night tunes and fa la la la las...that one would think we would all be sick of these; I still love them.
We started singing together when Landon was 6 months old.  I sang through 3 more babies,  then when Mom went on her mission to Scotland, we all called it quits.  We sang together from 1988 to
I can still hear Mom and Liz hanging on the bass/alto notes; Christine and Angela singing 2nd soprano--the hard part; Marcie and I joining in on the high notes.  Sometimes Grandma Butters would join us--she was great at this from her sweet adeline days.  As everyone got older,we added in niece- Megan and then Adam's girls; Jenna, Rachel and Becca.

I found some old pics..... our costumes were "less" than inspiring, but our harmonies were GREAT!


In my world I would play Christmas music year round.
What is better than a song about Christ's birth?
It was the beginning of everything good.

Music fills me up.
There is so much to be thankful for...


erin noelle said...

Dude, are you REALLY wearing turqoise pants and a pink shirt with a belt?? a) sooo not your energy. b) never wear a belt with a shirt tucked out. Not even if you are Heidi Bingham. Just say no. LOVE these pictures.!!

erin noelle said...

So wait, maybe that ISN'T you....I just can't figure out who it is.. Talk to me

Melwel said...

Erin....I didn't say we were pretty...I just put it up for posterity sake. And the little pink top, had some turquoise stripes through it. This was way before energy days in my family. It's all bad, I know.

Si said...

I remember those days! Back when we first moved here in '94, you invited us over for a Christmas open house. I was talking to your dad in the corner, telling him how great it was that you were all so talented, and how fun it was for you to host an open house and invite us over - He laughed and said - They only do this so they can hold you all hostage and sing to you!
LOVE the pics.

Jill said...

You guys need to get back together. Of course with some updated clothing LOL! I remember listening to you guys.So beautiful!

Lesley said...

I have been listening to Christmas music since a few days after Halloween. I.LOVE.IT!!! Mt co-workers don't... oh well, I'm the boss :-)

Kimi said...

Oh my GOSH! Those clothes! Aaahhhahahahahahahahahaha!

I would love to hear you sing all together, though. Cole Collection reunion this year? Do it! I DARE you!

Brooke Shoko said...

Just look at that last photo. PRICELESS.
Have you also listened to Sarah Mclaughlan (sp?)'s Christmas album? My most recent favorite.