Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful for Eulala

My Grandma Butters would be 95 today--- she died a year a go, and I have thought about her almost every day since.  She was a huge impact on my life, my attitude, and my testimony.
 I am so grateful for this sweet association.

I am so glad I have her name sake - Laila- running around my house.  She is a bright spot.  SHe is opinionated, funny and spunky...just like grandma.
Laila was listening to "The Christmas Song" by Mel Torme.  The Christmas lyric is....."...for kids from one to 92."  Laila piped up, "No wonder grandma died, she couldn't have Christmas any more...she was 94!"

She makes me laugh.

I am delivering Ginger Cream cookies to brothers, sisters and extended family in remembrance of Grandma B.
Grandma taught me how to make and perfect this cookie.  It was fun to learn from her and see her smile when I would bring her a ginger cream cookie.
The circle of life.
SHe would bake for me when I was growing up, then I would bake for her, when she couldn't.

Grandma liked that she was born on Nov. 13th--- it was her lucky number.  And we all felt lucky having her in our midst.

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