Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful Bro

My brother finally got a job after 22 months of scrambling to make ends meet.  He has been a real good sport about this.  He has substitute taught at the high school, built playhouses, did yard work, served papers in really scary parts of SLC and Ogden..., set up computer systems.....and many other odd jobs to make ends meet.
Adam  is very talented and schooled (MBA-BYU) and always in the final interview, but never catching the carrot.  So frustrating.

But......We feel so blessed this day.

When I was telling Laila  about Monson's football team losing, but the good news was Adam got a job, she replied, "Adam got a Job!  Well, no wonder Monson's team lost....our family would have had too many blessings!"

I am thankful for my Brother, Adam.


Si said...

Congrats to Adam!

Kimi said...

Laila always has great perspective...and the perfect thing to say!