Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful #19

My sweet Wayne.
I know I can't say enough about how awesome Wayne is, even with dizzying adversity in his head.  I don't know how he does it?!?
He is opposite me in so many ways; yet we  are alike in all of the things that really matter-- family, gospel, and testimony.
I love him and I am so grateful that he has been in my life for 33 years.
He is in charge this weekend as I go play with the Welch women at the Women's Conference--Time out for Women-- in SLC.
I am looking forward to spiritual talks, lots of laughter and a renewed commitment  to motherhood.
I am grateful.


gina said...

just wanted you to know i have been blog stalking you lately. it's so fun to see what the welchs are up to. laila, holy smokes! when did she grow up? and addison, YAY for the wedding. hi to you all!

erin noelle said...

Watch Modern Family this past week. Claire's explanation of how marriage needs one fun parent balanced by one not fun parent. Classic line..." You know the kid who comes to school in his pajamas and pays for things with $100 bills?....Yea, two fun parents. Promise."

Seriously thought of you and me. :) Love our husbands!

Wayne said...

Wait... Is Erin suggesting that Melinda is not a fun parent?

MCC said...
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