Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grateful today

I am thankful for "Opening night....break a leg" cupcakes!!!!
Laila insists on making these for the BHS musical cast.
She has done this for the past 3 years.
She is getting pretty good at it, and even the craziest looking one still tastes delicious.

We have CRAZY FOR YOU opening tonight.

 Cousin Jenna is a lead in this cast. We will have to make another batch I am sure for the other cast's (Cousin Hayden) opening night.

I am thankful Laila loves to plant her self on the front row and watch the musical, night after night.  She is a great audience member.  She has had this attention span since she was 3.  Amazing.

 I am thankful.


Laur said...

Heeeey, what are all the dates for that??

Kimi said...

So, how to score cupcakes from Laila?

1. Be in the musical. (Not gonna happen).

2. Break jaw and hand and require stitches in chin--all at the same time. (Been done. No originality).

3. Beg? (Too pathetic).

4. Wait patiently for something to occur that merits said treats. (That's the ticket! I can wait around like it's none of your business.)