Saturday, July 31, 2010

lower case

only 23 days til the kids start school
only 4 days til I am back at my school
it's the end of july

laila and max are working on a "show"
i've seen parts of makes me smile
addison and landon always had a "show" going on
i miss that

our sprinklers are a mess

i'm waiting for the bernina guy to come and fix my tension on my new/old machine
i just started quilting again
i wish my other tension was as easy to fix

it's hot and muggy outside
i thought utah was supposed to be dry

i love blue iguana's beef stek with bacon and almond mole, rice and beans
just typing it makes me salivate

i'm only using lower case letters and no punctuation
i don't know why

1 comment:

Si said...

cause you are you, that's why.