Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

Independence Day!

On my Chalk board door I had the family write why or what they loved about America.
We got an assortment of responses........
Wayne: Freedom of Religion (otherwise the Restoration of the Gospel couldn't happen)
Me: All can work and progress here...Freedom of Speech
Laila: I love America
Monson: You can see the sky, No air pollution, Free Love
Landon: It's a land where we can be who we are, how we are :)
Addison: To live in a country where you can carve big, giant faces on the side of an old ugly mountain, makes me, Addison, proud to be American
Bre: One time I spent this dollar and George Washington's face was so handsome and I knew we made really good looking men here. That made me proud to be 'Merican.

....see what I mean?

But I am feeling so blessed to live in America.
I really do love it and pray for it's continued welfare.

Wayne and I went for our first motorcycle ride of the summer. We went up to Solitude ski resort --the mountains were so green and beautiful. The ride was great with Wayne playing classical piano music on his cassette player, in the Goldwing. It was great to be with the Wangsgaards too.

I love America....and motorcyle rides!
We get 4 parties this weekend.
2nd of July....Rigby/Eden Shindig with Country music and dancing
3rd of July....Welch BBQ at Terry and Cyrrena's, with family pictures, and then Gutter works at our house
4th of July.....Cole picnic on Dad's deck
5th of July....Swimming party at the Morley's

I love America.......motorcycle rides ......and family parties!
5 Reasons why America Rocks!
1. Ice in drinks....the rest of the world just doesn't get it.
2. Disney World and Disney Land was BORN here.
3. Fry Sauce
4. Broadway...Musical THEATRE......
5. Football...and I'm not talking Futbol!

And now my Grand Old Flag Tribute to America!!

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You say it! This post rocks.