Monday, July 12, 2010

Count my Many blessings Monday

I am off of my Thankful Thursday track...but grateful, just the same.
So on this Monday, I am counting my MANY blessings.......

B: Bear Lake...we are off to the lake today. We have been going there since I was 10, and I still love it. I am looking forward to Boating and sitting on the Beach- reading Books...also Biking on our tandem. I love having my Birthday at the lake as well.
L:Laila and Landon. My two "L" children. They are Loving and Lookers and Lucky and Lovely. They keep me smiling and shaking my head -- I love my other children too, but their names don't begin with "L".
E: Embarrassing moments. I have many....but as I look back on them and re-tell them, I realize it's these out-of-the-ordinary moments that help me feel most alive. I remember awhile ago having a car full of hungry children. We pulled into McDonald's and ordered food. I paid for it at the first window. THen....I pulled up to the next window to get my food. The worker leaned out of the window and mouthed something to me. I don't know what I was thinking, but I actually turned to the kids in the back of the car and said, "Hey, that is so great. THey have hired a deaf person to work at McDonalds." Then I went to lean out of the window and get my food ...when....SMACK.... I did a full face plant on a rolled up window. Somewhere between ordering my food and picking up my food, I rolled up the window and didn't recall it. So I hit my face hard. The guy with the food was just startled and shocked.
I rolled down my window, laughing, and tried to explain to him that I thought he was deaf, because I couldn't hear him speak...which would actually make me deaf. My kids were mortified. THey just kept saying, "Mom, take the food. Just take the food!" I kept laughing hysterically, and my nose hurt a lot. The worker just smiled politely and really wanted me to take my food and LEAVE. Another crazy customer. Embarrassing moments.....good times!
S: Sunshine
S: Swimming
I: Ice Cream--looking forward to raspberry shakes, that's for sure.
N: Nuts-- especially almonds and sugared pecans
G: Girls--all ages and relation. I am grateful for little girls, neices, beehives, big girls, girl friends, sisters, aunts, get the idea.
S: Summer


erin noelle said...

Me too! I'm reading a book you would like called My Grandfather's Blessings. It reminds me of you. Enjoy and recognize the blessings you are given. Love you!

Kimi said...

The piano tuner is prob wondering why I'm laughing out loud right now.

That story was belly-laugh funny!

Diane said...

That is the funniest story I've heard in a long time. I laughed so hard, I cried! Thanks for the bright spot in my day today. Have a marvelous time at the lake and on your B-day. Love you!