Friday, July 16, 2010

30th Anniversary of first kiss

This morning at 12:01, Wayne nudged me awake, kissed me and said...."Happy Birthday."
This is reminiscent of what happened 3 decades ago.
We are at Bear Lake, staying in the exact same condo that my First Kiss happened in 30 years ago on my 18th birthday.
We thought about staging a re-enactment with Addison playing Wayne, Addison's girlfriend playing me and Landon could be Marcie. Addison would be on the couch--feigning sleep, but really just watching the clock. Tick tock, tick tock..... Landon and Bre would be on pull down bed, just a few feet away from the couch. Landon would be totally out of it, just like Marcie was. She didn't care that I was turning 18. This moment wasn't a big deal to her....she just slept right through it. Bre...would be wide awake as well, wondering what being 18 would feel like. When the kiss would happen? Wondering if it was worth the 2 years of only holding hands and goodnight hugs?

We laughed about this re-enactment thought, but never followed through.

Addison wanted to do it, just so he could kiss Bre.
All of the neices and nephews thought this was a great idea......But we were all too tired to stay up til 12:01....I was yawning and needed sleep....and Bre and Landon had to leave us to go back down the mountain to work. So no show.'s fun to think about that night and all of the other memories associated with this "birthday at bear lake" of mine.
Today I am biking, getting a raspberry shake, making caramel popcorn, reading a book on the beach, sitting in the sun, enjoying my family and counting my blessings.
It's good to be half way to 96!


Jane said...

Have a great birthday!

Si said...

Ok, wait. Why did you wait till you were 18 to give wayne a kiss?? I thought it was 16. Serious?
That whole bit about acting is out is SO COLE/WELCH. You are all crazzzy.