Thursday, July 22, 2010

1. I am thankful that my pioneer trek, stake beehive camp and ward girls camp assignments are finished for the summer. I love being at all of these.....yet find it "draining" at the same time. I am the keeper of the schedule, (because of my bossy red personality), and the game player, the laugher/teaser (because I'm yellow) and the stay up late and talk can be exhausting. The one good thing I do while at camp, is NOT shower. My hair doesn't get greasy-- so that helps, but I tell people, "It's over rated, takes up time and is awkward." Then when I get in my shower at home, it's a true reward. I know many girls and leaders would think otherwise...but non showering is the way to go for me. It's called roughing it!

2. I am thankful for hikes in the mountain. The view was beautiful looking over Heber Valley and out towards the back of Timp. I was filled with love for my Heavenly Father for creating such a heavenly place for us to live in.

3. I am thankful for all types of people. I really do love and appreciate all of them. The nurturer, the foodie, the calmer, the hesitant one, the laugher, the delver, the powerful one, the empathizer, the thinker, the hugger, the player.....all types make up a camp and our world.

4. I am thankful for my new/old Bernina 830 sewing machine. Wayne got it for me for my birthday and I am so excited just thinking up the projects I am going to sew on it.....when I stop going to so many camps...hee hee hee

5. I am thankful for remembering yet another embarrassing moment. I really don't remember these easily until something triggers the file system in my brain and the embarrassing moment is brought forward once more. We had a "BEAR" sighting while on our girl's camp hike. DING...(this is my memory file opening)....So..........I remember being at a Young men/ Young women fireside in our ward chapel. We had a guy come in to tell his exciting story about being attacked by a bear in Yellowstone and living to tell about it. He brought his mangled glasses and torn shirt to show us all. It was a great meeting...well, what I can remember. I was on the front bench of the chapel....trying to be a good example and all, when I got drowsier and drowsier. My ankles were crossed under the bench and my arms were folded across my chest. I went though a series of snaps and nods when finally I fell forward onto the floor of the chapel ....splat.....and then I woke up. The speaker was amazed....and so was I. A shining, embarrassed example! IT's a good thing I have the ability to forget. Maybe that's what I am truly thankful forgetfulness.

6. I am thankful for Pioneer Day. Parades, swimming, bbq's, Bees baseball game and fireworks...throw in good friends and family at these events...and I love it!

7. I am thankful.

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Si said...

dont you love that im commetning on EVERY POST. Ummmm. I didn;t know someone could fall off the bench at church twice. DIdnt you fall off at a temple dedication or conference at the stake center once? Oh my.